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A day in Björkö and Aspö (from Nauvo/Nagu) 30.7.2020

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A day in Aspö and Björkö 30.7.2020

You are welcome to enjoy the unique Björkö and genuine village Aspö atmosphere of the outer archipelago. On Björkö island you will find a lake, a nature trail, hardly ever any tourists, no inhabitants. On Aspö you can visit the church and walk on nature trails and the village "main street". Lunch for a separate fee in an old boat house. Aspö has "Fiskboden" shop where you can buy fish, meat, bread and other food. Café. 10 people live on the island. 

Information on Aspö island >>>

Duration: 1 day

Route: Nauvo – Björkö - Aspö – Nauvo

Price: € 85* (children under 12 years -50% should be payed onboad. Please, inform the amount of children as extra information while paying here the net shop)

Includes: Trip in a water bus. Lunch for a separate fee and advance order, € 15 per person. Guidance in the church for a separate fee and advance order, € 5 per person.

Lunch reservation 15 e/ 10 e (pay in restaurant) >>

Guidning reservation 5 e >>


9.00 Nauvo (Meeting next to Guest harbor quay at 8.45, look at the photo of MS Amada on the quay!)

On Björkö 10.15 - 12.30 

On Aspö 13.00 - 15.15. Lunch at 13.00, nature trail. Guidance € 5. Fish shop and cafe open, separate reservation here.

16.30 Nauvo.

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